Beggars: Should or Should not Give?

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Cambodia is a developing country and it is also one of the poorest country in the world and region. Civil war in 1970s have left Cambodia with so many poor people, and countless uneducated people as well. Those complications leads so many problem in the society and one of the most common see is “beggar”.

If you travel to Cambodia or you live in Cambodia, you will see so many beggars at almost all the streets in Phnom Penh, and other big cities such as Siem Reap etc. When it comes to this point, I always ask myself each time when I see beggars on the sidewalk. “Should I give them money or not? What will happen if I give them? And what will happen if I don’t give them?”

To be honest, I pity them and wants to give them some little money, but when it comes to the long term complications, I stop. Why? Because most of them can work to feed themselves in a better way beside begging for money. Some of them stronger than me, some of them fatter than me and some of them younger than me to be exact.

If I give them the money, they would think that the way that they are doing is the most easy way to get money and feed themselves and they will keep continue to doing it and without thinking of another way which is better.

But if I don’t give them, some of them would die hungry because some of those are elderly people, some of them are even older than my mother. They cannot work to feed themselves anymore or maybe they don’t have any relatives, or families that could take care of them, so begging for little money will help them to survive a bit longer.

The idea and purpose is different from one to another. But for me, I only give to money to them if they are old, cannot work to feed themselves and to the one who’s absolutely broke.

The decision is yours and giving or charity the most honorable activities of human kinds. Our little activities could change the world that we’re living it.


Street Food and Health

If you are Asian or used to live in Asia countries, you might once experienced of eating “street food”.

The term of “street food” look strange in some cases, but it is very simple in most of Asian countries and Asian people. Street food is affordable for most Asian people who normally poor. Street food is not always bad, nor not always good. It has its pros and cons, among of those healthy concerns is the most discussed topic.

Street food equal the meaning of “affordable” and to make it even more affordable or increase its affordability, the cooks has to compromise the quality of the food’s ingredients.

Most people are really enjoy it because of some reasons:

1. Street food is cheaper: The term of “affordability” is the top of list for any decision making of huge percent tag of people. They want to survive, to live but spend less. They need to save money as much as possible to support and secure their family economic.

2. Street food fast, a lot of choices and close to workplace: Normally, street food always offer more choices, easy, quick and most important is close to their workplace. They just need walk out of their workplace and they can enjoy their meals with not-so-expensive bills.

3. Don’t want to spend time in cooking or do not know how to cook: Some people, sometimes including me, don’t actually like cooking. Cooking is process and it is remain skills, patients, talents and experiences. People who’s busy, they don’t actually spend any times in cooking, so they decides to choose what is easy, and fast so that they do something more than just cooking.

4. Living alone: Nearly 90% of single people are not actually cooking or eating at their home. They just don’t want to cook or sometime, eating alone is boring thus they need to go out and eat out to enjoy their life.

5. “Street food” is a kind of snack: Especially, teenagers, they’re really enjoy of eating “street food” with their friends and they considered it as snack. You can see how they enjoy it if you travel along some road around Royal Palace, Riverside, Koh Pich or some parks at around 3:30PM to 4:00PM.


These above reasons that can boost the “street food” business grow faster than what we imagine (I don’t know exactly how the growth rate is look like).

However, “street food” also the main reasons or cause of some infectious diseases such as hepatitis A, B and C, Typhoid, Diarrhea, salmonella, warms etc. But most of people are not actually concerns about those kind of diseases while they just need something quick, easy and cheap.

The choice is yours but no matter what you will choose, just make sure that it balance between easy, cheap and healthy life.

Traffic Jams is Getting Worst — Why??

Speaking of traffic jams, it’s sound strange for me 10 years ago when I came to Phnom Penh for my 1st year at university. At that time, I rarely to see traffic jams, the road was big and not so crowded. At that time you can drive from Phnom Penh to Airport with just only 20 minutes.

But those was 10 years ago. What happen now? Wow! Every roads are crowded, so many cars, termork, motorbikes, and they drives like crazy.

Now traffic jams is the most common see program when you’re stepping down the road. Traffic jams now in Phnom Penh is getting worst. So, why those happens? There are so many reasons, but here are some reasons:

1. Driving behavior: Driving behavior is the most common cause of traffic jams. People are driving without obey the traffic law. They drive fast and try to get to go first  if possible. Rermok (tuk tuk), and motorbikes will try to go first if they see possible space that they can go by compromising the risk of getting others hurt or injured. Most of the time, even it is “red” light, they also try to get through and sometime, because of that they make the whole traffic jams. That’s how crazy thing you could see when travel along the roads in Phnom Penh.

2. Doing business on sidewalk: Nearly 100% of sidewalks in Phnom Penh was stolen to run family businesses. Some people takes sidewalk as the of their restaurant, or their garden.

3. Un-ruled parking: Parking is coming problems for people living in Phnom Penh where the space is getting smaller and the number of vehicles are getting more and more. No specific or organized parking lot, the lack of organizing from authorities and using power to park at public place inappropriate is the most common thing you would see.

4. Unfinished road construction: Can you imagine that a road that need to be repaired every time, every year? This is happening in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, where the road is tight, small and have to spend 70% of the space for reconstruction or repairing. Two lines road become one single line or even block.

When You Are in Cambodia: Things You Need To Know

Cambodia is small country in South East Asia. Not so many people knows this country for a few decades. Cambodia gone through so many civil war and genocide during 1970s that killed more than 2 million Cambodian people.

Nowadays, Cambodia is open its heart to the world and everyone can come and visit this small and beautiful country. A lot of tourist places that you might need to see, one of those beautiful places is Angkor Wat, which is one of the most famous Wonders in world.

Come to security and safety, Cambodia is doing its best to ensure that every tourists who come and visit will be secured and safe. But as you might know, there is not place is safe in this world. And here are something that you need to know when you’re in Cambodia:

  1. Thief, and Robbery: When you step foot into Cambodia, you need to make sure that every important stuffs that you’re holding are in a proper place and secured. Even though Cambodia is free and safe place to visit, but those thieves and robberies are happening everyday, especially at night time. They could takes it from you with just a second. Wallets, motorbikes, cameras, phones and your jewelries are the target .To avoid any loses, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR IMPORTANT STUFFS ARE IN A SAFE AND SECURED PLACE.
  2. Traveling and Traffic: With just 15 millions population, Cambodia is also the country that have high percent tag of people dies because of traffic accident, over speed driving and other accident related to driving. In average, 3 to 6 people die because of those accident. No light on the road, overloaded trucks, over speed drive, high alcohol concentration in blood and disobey traffic law are the most common cause of the death. When you come to visit Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh, you’ll see people drives like crazy. BE MORE CAREFUL WHEN YOU TRY TO PASS ANY ROADS IN  PHNOM PENH AS WELL AS ANY ROADS IN CAMBODIA.
  3. Food and Beverages: You can find any kind of food here in Cambodia, from European to Australian or even African food. So many restaurants that offers those recipes, but not all of them are offers good quality food and beverages. If you want to try some local traditional recipes, you can go to Khmer-Thai restaurant, Khmer recipe at AEON Mall… etc. And if you want to try some European recipes, you can go to Fish & Co, Riverhouse, …. etc. Those restaurants provide you the food with good quality and safe. Beverage is also the concerns as well. A lot of illegal import from neighborhood countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and quality is not well control. Some beverages are under quality and some. Just choose the beverages which well-know and you believe in. YOU NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL IN CHOOSING FOOD AND BEVERAGE TO AVOID ANY HEALTH PROBLEMS.
  4. Dirty road and No sidewalk: Cambodia is a developing country, dirty roads, smoking roads is what you will expect to see. People are using sidewalk to run their businesses and you barely to find the sidewalk. Very different from European countries or some countries in Asia. PREPARED YOUR FACE MASK AND WET TISSUES IF YOU IF YOU WANT TO WALK AROUND THE CITIES.

These are just somethings that you might see and you might need to prepare if you are in Cambodia or if you’re planning to visit this country. However, a lot of beautiful places in Cambodia that you will never find anywhere else. Ancient temples, beautiful mountains, friendly people and beautiful cultures will make you excited, relax and love.


Technology Is Changing The Way We Do Marketing

We have so many way to run our marketing approach to bring product’s features and benefits to the public, customers. In our old-world, we mainly use printed paper as a marketing tools such as leaflet, brochure, flyers, posters and banners to tell the public about our product’s features and benefits that they will get if they chose our product.

Yes sure, this tools are still effective and we still using it, but recently there were so many tools which is more effective than the previous tools. Technology.


If you walk around Phnom Penh, you’ll see many LED screen advertising. This above picture was captured during my riding along the road to my office. It is newly installed with high quality clips and sound system as well. Very attractive way to interact with customers and it now become more and more popular over the traditional tools.

That’s a just small part of the changes to show that Technology really changing the way we do marketing advertising.

Technology and Life

Since Steve Jobs reinstated into Apple Inc in 2000, technology has created another pages and it also become a disease to a lot of people who addicted.

Technology help life become better, help people to finish their jobs in the way that we never thought before and it also help so many people to succeed in their business as well. Imagine that we don’t have computers and printers at the office, how will we finish our everyday tasks? I cannot imagine at all. It is now become a part of my working and everyday life and it is also a disease as well.

Technology can do everything that we can’t never imagine. It can control the cars, houses or even the world. It is the fast way to send and receive or share the news to each and everyone around the globe without any problem.

In Cambodia, the concepts of using technology in day-to-day work was just boomed in the late 2000s while the numerous computers imported with very affordable price.  Now even a small café, or shop along the roadside along have a computer to help their cashier. How cool it is!

If you are going around Phnom Penh, you’ll see numerous of large LED screen installed and advertising very high quality clips. This is also another new way to bring the new product, new services to reach the people.

Computer technology would never stop their growing in a developing country such as Cambodia even it is now mature already in developed countries like The States. It is now changing the mindset of Cambodian people on communicating and running their business as well.

I don’t know everyone think about this, but it is really changing my life and I cannot live without it as well.

Election or Selection?

Starting since June 27, official campaign for Cambodian PM has just begun with many many people are going to the road with flags, micros, sound system and many more things. They drive the car, trucks and motorbikes along the road with accompanying by polices. It looks like everything going really nice and happy.

I don’t know what will happen during the election which will happen in July, but I think, there’ll nothing changes in terms of leader and political situation. From times to times, we still have the same face of our PM and it will continue just like that.

It’s more likely “SELECTION” than “ELECTION”. I want to see a change for Cambodia, Cambodian people and for each and everyone of us. We need to grow up, strong and enjoyable life.