Nightmare of mothers of young babies

In developing world like Cambodia, any diseases can be occurs. Once those disease attact someone, they seem don’t have any opportunities to defencd themselvese, they don’t even have chance to protect it since the very start.

For young children under 5, rotavirus and pneumonia are two leading cause if millions if death. These two dieases has been controlling by vaccination in many countries around the globe, but that opportunities will never or seem to be not happened for Cambodian children. Vavcines are available, but they still miss that opportunity. Why?

This question is still remain a big question mark. GSK has made its best to bring those two vaccine available in Cambodia but they seem very hard to move it forward with a big impat on protecting children health. They are trying to make it happen, to make those vaccine nationally availabe, but they have ti face and deal with tones of barrier and challenges.

To make it happens, thry will need the involvement from both ministry of health and all parents. Mothers would love to see their children smile without and harm, worries from vaccine preventable disease like rotavirus and pneumonia.

To help parents of young babies stop their wirrying about these two diseases, a company, we urge everyone to take and action together to protect our beloved and smiling faces if iur children.

Together protect children smile by give them vaccinated again vaccine preventable diseases like rotavirus and pneumonia. As a parent, please give your children of what they deserves to get, it is theif right to be protected!

How Severe is Pneumonia in Children?

“………..annual incidence of 150.7 million new cases, of which 11-20 million (7-13%) are severe enough to require hospital admission”.

“……….. Ninety-five percent of all episodes of clinical pneumonia in young children worldwide occur in developing countries.”

Can you believe on this data? It is the truth and everyone have to have a specific action against this Killer.

“Approximately 150 million new cases of pneumonia occur annually among children younger than 5 years worldwide, accounting for approximately 10-20 million hospitalizations…..”WHO quoted.

Do not underestimate this little-big problem though. Every parents who has babies age from 6 months to 5 years should give your child vaccinated against this disease as soon as possible.