Top 5 Behaviors That Could Ruin The Quality of A Meeting

“Meeting” is a moment that every attendees need to be “focused” and “participation”. A “productive meeting” is a meeting that everyone are “focus”, “participation” and “finding solutions”. But somehow, meeting can be ruined by some of these behaviors:

1. Late for the meeting: This is the destroyer of a productive meeting. People will not focus if there are some people coming in the middle of the discussion. They will keep their eyes on those who coming late and they would take some five to 10 minutes to refocus again.

2. Whispering during the discussion: While people are discussing on important point, but some people are whispering at the back. This will make others cannot focus and the quality of the meeting also reduce. “Do not whisper during the meeting. Come up with clear and loud comments during the discussion would be much more better.”

3. Using phone, computer or other devices: The biggest mistakes of employees during the meeting is trying to reply SMS, phone call or emails during the discussion and that’s the biggest “meeting quality” destroyer. How could you focus of what the meeting is all about while you are trying to finish another job at the same time? Some people only can manage multiple tasks at the same time, but most of the people cannot do so. ” Do not try to overload your tasks at the same time while you’re in the middle of something.”

4. Throw the ball to each others: Meeting mean understanding the issues and finding the best solution, it will never about judging anyone. Judging may not help you to find a better solutions, in contrast, it could creates even more problems within team. Do not throw the “ball” to anyone in the meeting room, put the “ball” in middle of the table and let’s discuss.

5. Never-open-the-mouth: Can you imagine how disappoint meeting leader would be if there is attendee just sit-and-listen without saying any words? Those could also destroy meeting as well. No matter what you would think, but participation the meeting could somehow contribute something to improve the quality of the meeting too. No one will judge you whether your opinion is wrong or right. Let’s participant your ideas.

These above are just some of behaviors that could destroy or ruin a meeting and reduce its productivity. Better stay away from those behavior and let’s “participate” the discussion.


When Will Be The Most Productive Time?

A working day is the day that every employee are trying their best to deliver the best result possible. But not all the time in a working day that employees really focus and make the job done. “Dead hours” will always step into and ruin the schedules and to-do-list of each employees. Here is some of example of the most productive hours of  the day:

1. Starting from 9 AM until 11:30AM: During this period of time, each and every staffs really focus. After they finished their breakfast that some people have their breakfast at 8:00AM, or even 8:30AM, they will focus on their to-do-list and then will deliver the best result.

2. After lunch (3:00PM until 6:30PM): Most of the staffs they will spend at least 1 hour for their lunch break, 30 minutes for coffee (whether at the office or outside the office) and another 30 minutes to recover themselves from “sleepy-time”. After lunch, most of people will feel very sleepy and their productivity will be reduced by 30% to 40% compare to another period. After those long break, they will start to focus on their remain tasks until end of  the day.

3. After dinner (9:00PM until 10:00PM): Some people really like to bring their work home in order to complete what remains and the most productive period will be around 9:00PM until around 10:00PM. They will focus on what they need to finished for the day and also starting to list down what to do for tomorrow.

These are the most common productive time for employees and otherwise they still some break time during the day.