Sony Experia Z4: Small Move with Big Mistake


While Samsung mobile, HTC and also LG were introduced and about to introduce their new 2015 flagship smartphone, Sony chose to stay quiet with mysterious rumor smartphone introduction.

Samsung mobile is happy with their over-expected sales from Samsung Galaxy S6 and 6 Edge, HTC still straggling with their new HTC M9 which is not actually success. Sony just quietly introduced their newest flagship, Sony Experia Z4 with minor change and upgrade.

With Experia Z4, Sony only upgraded processor to Qualcomm 810 Octa-core, 32GB internal storage and 3GB of RAM while design and material keep the same. Speaking of design, nothing changes beside a bit lighter, and removed magnetic charger port and move the USB port to bottom of the device.

This minor changes show that, Sony is struggling with helping Sony mobile to a better place. Sony cannot introduce a break-through smartphone to attract their customers and this will lead to lose their customers to Samsung’s hand.

Sony mobile, better think twice about this and introduce all new device with top-not spec and attractive design body.


Sony Experia Z1 – First Available in Cambodian Phone Shop

Currently, Cambodia is the one of the most attractive market for investors. Automobile, infrastructures, IT devices are the most attractive business categories to look for.

IT devices or ICT is growing with the speed that we never imagine. It’s grows with the speed of light. Many phone shops, computer shops, many companies are running their business.

It is even more interesting when today, Sok Ly Phone Shop, a mobile phone retail, introduce Sony’s newest smartphone, Sony Experia Z1 on their website. This could be the first Sony Experia Z1 in Cambodia or maybe the first Sony Experia Z1 available for sales in Asia countries.

Being the first phone shop to sales this device, the price is also the highest price ever. With US$880, it is seem that nearly acceded to Cambodia’s GDP (US$900). It is very experience that most of Cambodian people cannot afford, but still have some people will enough to spend those amount of money and get that phone.

For more information about this phone, you can go to GSMArena or you can go to Sok Ly’s website.

Top 10 best iPhone alternatives

if some of you guys are not so satify with iPhone’s 3.5″ screen, please look at some of these 10 smartphones that will replace the iPhone in terms of screen, speed and budget.

1. Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung galaxy s2

2. Motorola Razr

Motorola razr

3. HTC Sensation XE

LG optimus 3d

4. HTC Wildfire S

HTC wildfire s

5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

HTC hd7

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Google nexus s

7. HTC Titan

HTC desire hd

8. Nokia Lumia 800

BlackBerry torch

9. BlackBerry Bold 9900

HTC desire s

10. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Orange san francisco