Stress and Water Intake

Stress, boring, bored and depress are the most common affect that we usually see in office workers. No one can escape from these common side effect.

No matter what or how we feel about our job or any task, you cannot let yourself being stressful or depress because of it. Why? Because the moment your stress or depress with your work, you’re direct and indirectly harming your career goal and also your family. So, how to make yourself away from stress or depress?

There are many ways, but not all of them are easy nor effective enough. However, I’ve tried this simple and effective method is “drink more water” when I’m stress or depress or unhappy about my jobs. It’s sound simple, right? But it’s scientific-based and also have supportive evidences as well.

Studies shown that, if you just half of liter dehydration you’re increasing the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. Dehydration is the most forgotten symptoms that not everyone care about it. The most you stress or upset or unhappy with anything, yourself are not likely want to eat or drink anything.

Thus, when you’re in stressful mood, let’s grab a cub of water and then drink it. You’ll feel relieve

Do not just believe me, try it first.!

Source: WebMD ( accessed: Sept 15, 2015


Stresss Management – Own Experience


Working, economic and study will make each and everyone of us fall into a situation which no one will like is….STRESS.

Stress is a kind of disease that can makes us not happy, bad mood or even kill us sometimes. This disease is a very big barrier to stop us from success or finishing our tasks. Not just like that, this is one of the most common disease that anyone can face. It even more common than cancers or diabetes. No one can escape from it, even billionaires.

So, in this topic, i would like to share my own experiences in controlling the stress once we face it. It is my own experience and I am sure that it might not fit to all of people, but at least it is work somehow. These are the tips:

  1. Avoid the stress: How to avoid the stress? This is a very hard question to answer then. We actually cannot avoid the stress 100%, but we somehow can avoid it by setting ourselves a position which is happy and do not put pressure on ourselves. At your workplace, should have some  plants, it could be flowers, or normal plants. This is very important. Plants can help us to have fresh air, fresh feeling and even help us when we have stress. When we are in bad mood, watering our plants or flowers is a very best way to keep ourselves from thinking a little while and once we have good feeling we can head back to work again. 
  2. Chitchat With Our Colleagues: No one can live alone and no one can working alone as well. Making good relationship and partnership with our colleagues is very important. They can helps us to release the stress or share the ideas about our works or our day-to-day life. When we feel unhappy or in bad mood, just find someone to share and get their ideas, but make sure that what are we doing will not effect to their work as well. You can always invite them to a cafe, have some coffee and cookies, chitchat and observe the idea from them. You might not realized that your problem was solved perfectly.
  3. Walk Out: Walking out the office or your workplace once you have stress is very impact-full method. We stress with work, then just spend 10 minutes to walk away from it, once your have good feeling then head back to work again. This will help us from being stressed and the result of our works will much better. Do not force yourself to do it if you are getting stress from it.
  4.     Listen to Musics: I listen to musics during my working hours. This can help me from stress as well as avoid the interfere from others in the office. Sometime, you might feel very annoying at the office because of this, because of that, but once you put your headset on, what can hear is the musics and your ideas. This might work well at the office with full of noises and annoying.
  5. Exercises: Doing exercises is another method to release the stress as well. Spend 30 minutes a day to do some exercises, no matter what exercises it is, but it will work just fine. Do not try to push yourself too much to do any exercises over what yourself can handle. Better if you can find someone to do with you. 

These tips are working well with me. I don’t know it will work well with you guys or not, but at least it is really effective and work well.

6 Ways To Make Your Working Environment Better

Working environment is very important and it will effect directly to yourself and the whole workplace as well. There are some good and bad workplace. Some workplace are so exciting, some are so strict, and some are so stressful. So, how make your workplace environment become more excitement, and feel relax?
There are 6 important points to make you love your workplace, as well change your stressful workplace become a place that you would never change to another place:

  1. Give some break time/relax time for your staffs: Can you imagine how your workplace will look like if you work 5 days a week with stressful, meeting and so many deadlines without any relax time? Some of your staffs don’t even have time for their personal stuff, their family and their lovers, how would they feel? Those kind of workplaces, will never become an interesting workplace and the result of their/yours work will become not-so-good at all. So, set some break/relax time for your staffs, take care them more.
  2. Social Activities: How would you feel if you’re just so care about your work, your benefits without pay any attention in your society? I am sure that everyone in the office will felt so ignorance, guilty and so lonely somehow. Social activities are not only make your staffs more active, and it also a good time for them to do something for their society and to make them proud that they have done something as their responsibility to their country.
  3. Good Relationship With Everyone in the Office: Office is not just an office, it is a family, a house. What would it look like if in a house with no relation or the relationship with the member is not good/strong enough? They will try to compete each other to get what they want without any thinking that they are on the same boat. So, build good relationship with staffs is really important, it can drive the performance of the company to reach a certain level, to build a company with high profile. But build good relationship it would never easy when people have different thinking.
  4. Show Them About Their Future Goal that Company Can Offers: A good company will have goals for their staffs and will show their staffs what they will get in the future. So, set up the goal and show to them about company’s vision to show them see the value of be working hard.
  5. “Bonus”: Working is just a like a car can runs because of fuel. To encourage people, company need to provide bonus, extra bonus to their staffs as VITAMIN to boost their actions moving forward. However, it is not just about setting “bonus” and everything will be just fine, company should think about the certain target that staffs can reach, so they will work hard for it.
  6. “Motivation”: “You’ve done very good!” ” Very good job, let’s try some more” These kind of word can be a VITAMIN for your staffs as well. Motivation in workplace is really important. It can make your staff work hard without any complaint or any doubts. As a leader, “motivation” is really important.

These 6-point above are just simple or just an open for you to see how to make our company/workplace even more interesting and to make your staffs work for you with their loves.