New Generation of Microsoft Surface will Come with LTE, Early next Year

Surface 2

Clueless to what Microsoft is doing then. They introduced their Surface tablets and Surface Pro tablets last year without any LTE or 3G add-on. Last night they also introduced their new generation of their Surface and Surface Tablets as well, but it still no 3G or LTE included.

What are they doing? Where are they marketed these tablets? Are they targeted for all PC users? Are they targeted for just developed countries like USA, UK? Asian countries need 3G devices and i am sure that if USA or UK businessmen come to work in Asia countries, will also need 3G while they traveling or they’ll missed their work.

WPCentral posted that, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 will come with LTE in early next year. Is that make any sense while the Apple always comes with both WiFi and LTE version with just a few weeks after they introduced. Do you think that Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 will help Microsoft to gain some market share? I don’t think it would help.

Microsoft Unveil Its 2nd Generation Surface and Surface Pro Tablets

After nearly a year of marketed Surface and Surface Pro, Microsoft today has introduced to the world its 2nd Generation of these tablet line with tons of upgrade both in terms of performance, hardware and software.

Surface 2 will still come with Windows RT 8.1 with full Offce RT offers that including Outlook apps. This tablet is the mid-range tablet from Microsoft targeted for end users who need more mobility tablet with more productivity on-the-go. Speaking of hardware upgrade, Surface 2 will comes with new Nvidia Tegra 4 SoC with 4GB of RAM, Full HD screen, 32GB/64GB internal storage with 200GB SkyDrive cloud storage as default and with new design kickstand that allow you to view in 55 degree angle. Last but not least, Surface 2 will also come with USB3.0 which will allow you to backup, transfer large files with 10x faster compare to USB2.0.

Surface 2 will come with $449 without Type or Touch Cover included.

Surface 2

Surface Pro 2 will still come with the same screen resolution, full HD. But major upgrade is its hard-core CPU. It will come with the latest Intel Haswell CPU, 4GB or 8GB of RAM, 128GB or 512GB of storage with 200GB SkyDrive for 2 years. It will has the same as kickstand to Surface 2 and will also come with USB3.0

Surface Pro 2 with start with $899 without Type or Touch Cover include.

Surface Pro 2Microsoft also upgrade Surface 2nd generation accessories with new design touch cover and type cover. These both accessories will come with LED Backlit light, but thinner 1mm compare to previous generation. For type cover, they also add 30Wh battery so that it can boost up Surface’s battery life. Last but not least, Microsoft also introduced Surface Dock with USB3.0,

Surface dockSurface Docking station

Touch Cover 2Touch Cover 2 with LED Backlit

Type Cover 2Type Cover 2 with LED Backlit

The first generation of Surface Pro and Surface RT was a painful experience for Microsoft with nearly $1 billion lost, so let’s see how will these 2nd generation will help Microsoft gain the share from Apple iPad product lines?