People need to live. Human kinds need a life, a peaceful life and Life need to be thinking.

Thinking is a part of our living life. We are thinking because we are developing ourselves and step by step moving forward to get what we really need. It’s not just about thinking but we need to execute those thought.

Sometimes we think too much and we are almost die of those thinking. There are so many people got crazy of thinking. They think too much. They almost forgot who they are, what they are and where they are. Thinking can lead people do anything unpredictable, un expected. Those kind of thinking because out of control then.

To live in a normal life, we have to know how to control our thinking, not just let the BRAIN think about things then. We have to set a certain limit for it. Our brain is a fantastic machine and it can be thinking whatever it wants without any controls.

To set a certain limit for the brain to think is to relax, release and rethink. We’re not machine, but we also better than machine. Thus we need to have a certain level of understanding about ourselves. Give some free times for our brain to let it stop thinking, sleeping and relax or you’ll become a unman (a crazy man).