Some Behaviors at Workplace that Kill the Successes

Workplace is the place that most employees spends most of their time with. Some employees they stay the office more than their home and families.

Workplace is also the place to learn, to explore new idea and also the place that we doing new things to change the society and the world.

But some of the behaviors or attitude at workplace of some employees/staffs could potentially kill the new ideas, new expression or new change. And those behavior still exist everywhere.

Mostly reject or negative with new ideas is the behavior that will never accept of new things and will never accept any comments from others. Those behavior exist in those who thought they’re always right in no matter what situation or scenarios. If a workplace has those kind of staffs with more than 40% of all staffs they have, those company will never reach their goal or go further compare to those company that has less.

Suddenly laugh when someone stand-up and express the nature of human beings is “I am the best, I know everything and everyone is lower than me”. This kind of behavior will be appeared once there is someone stand-up and speak for any issues and someone suddenly laugh at the backstage. No matter how strong you are, but when you are about to say something and someone laugh at you, they your idea will fly aways and you don’t have any feeling to speak or express anymore. That behavior will stop everything and will also destroy the company as well.

“I am so comfortable with current situation” we’re working for only one goal is to grow or build up ourselves to a upper level. If in a company have more than 70% of the staffs who really want to build up and level up themselves to a upper level in the company, those company will be grow like a rocket because those people are working with humble, with passion and with integrity. In contrast, if a company have only 20% of the staffs are really wants to build up and level up themselves, those company will be just ordinary company like others – a company that achieve only day-to-day goal, don’t have clear vision and direction.

Never put the problem on the table for discussion and yet bring it discuss at somewhere else it doesn’t matter how huge or serious the situation or problem would be, if we together put those problem on the able and discuss, we’ll reach a solution one day and we both will comfort with that situation. But if we didn’t put on the table, yet we bring it to discuss outside the discussion room, those problem will still be a problem and the solutions will never have. If those keep happens, one day everyone, every staffs, every employee will feels demotivate and believe or not, they will one-by-one leaves the company.

Meeting room is a battle field no one wants to join the battle field, why? Because it is suicide action and place as well. A workplace that makes meeting room feels like battle field while in every meeting is like war, there’ll be no one would want to work with. Meeting room is just a the room that we put every problems on the table to discuss in order to find best solution. It’s not suppose to be the room that everyone feels it is Killing Room thought.

My manager or boss is the one that I shouldn’t touch or talk to – in Asian culture, if the one with higher position or higher rank of power, no one would dare to touch or talk to. Those culture will destroy the success of a company if those culture exist in those company. Why? Because you would never talk to or discuss with your higher boss or manager about what you want or needs and they will force you to work with what you don’t want to. This culture also block you from what is called “Speak Up Culture” when you have any issues or problem with others within your organization. Go and talk to your higher manager if you have any doubt with your direct manager or with anyone in your organization. Nothing to be fear, nothing to be worry and nothing to stop you from doing that.


Most Productivity Time of the Day

Productivity is the most important thing in our everyday job. Our firm would not success if employees don’t have enough productivity.

To maximize a productivity of an employee is not easy since it is require attention from both line managers and human resource manager as well. It’s also including motivation and commitment. Productivity also depends time as well.

Based on my real experiences, there are two most productivity time in a day.

From 9:00AM to 11:30AM: During the period of time, employees will spend a lot of time with their to-do-list and they will deliver the most respectful result. Normally, many tasks will be put in morning time during this period.

From 3:00PM to 5:00PM: After lunch break, employees will spend most of their time with remain task of their list and try to complete it before 5:00PM. Good quality result would be deliver during this period of time too.

When Will Be The Most Productive Time?

A working day is the day that every employee are trying their best to deliver the best result possible. But not all the time in a working day that employees really focus and make the job done. “Dead hours” will always step into and ruin the schedules and to-do-list of each employees. Here is some of example of the most productive hours of  the day:

1. Starting from 9 AM until 11:30AM: During this period of time, each and every staffs really focus. After they finished their breakfast that some people have their breakfast at 8:00AM, or even 8:30AM, they will focus on their to-do-list and then will deliver the best result.

2. After lunch (3:00PM until 6:30PM): Most of the staffs they will spend at least 1 hour for their lunch break, 30 minutes for coffee (whether at the office or outside the office) and another 30 minutes to recover themselves from “sleepy-time”. After lunch, most of people will feel very sleepy and their productivity will be reduced by 30% to 40% compare to another period. After those long break, they will start to focus on their remain tasks until end of  the day.

3. After dinner (9:00PM until 10:00PM): Some people really like to bring their work home in order to complete what remains and the most productive period will be around 9:00PM until around 10:00PM. They will focus on what they need to finished for the day and also starting to list down what to do for tomorrow.

These are the most common productive time for employees and otherwise they still some break time during the day.

Why Working Environment Is Very Important?

Employees spend 8 to 10 hours a day their workplace. Most of their time focuses on making the job done with good result as possible. Workplace means something more than just “a place that they need to come and make their job done”. It’s just like their second home, their second school. This mean, any changes, any problem with their workplace will directly impact to their career, their job and  their future. So, why it is so important?

1. Good working environment mean heaven: Because they spends more than 8 hours a day at their workplace, definitely they would need their workplace to be a perfect place for them so that they can focus and deliver the best result. A good working place will encourage employees to come to the office early, deliver the best result as possible and will never feel depress at work. They will stay with company as long as possible, they will help the company moving forwards. Good working place is every employee’s dream.

2. Bad working environment will affect to both mentally and physically: Imagine if you’re working for a company that have very poor leadership, messy, unorganized, unclear structure etc. With that kind of environment, we might not even have feeling to go, to see or even to work with. Those kind of working place is just like hell. People don’t want to step into it and will never dream of working in that kind of environment. That environment will destroy not just their mental, but also their physical as well.

3. Low productivity at bad working environment: No one work, no one organize and no one responsible for anything and that leads to, what we called, Zero Productivity. How can an employee focus to deliver good result if their workplace is just a mess? How can they deliver good result if no one can lead, share and manage the operation? That kind of working environment is a company’s disaster.

4. Bad working environment is the “career goal destroyer”: Do not dream that you’ll be promoted, or giving opportunities to try higher position in bad working environment, because every employee they would do anything to secure their position and will never let anyone takes it from them. And that will “block” you from achieving your career goal.

That’s very important for each and everyone of us to work with a good environment. Thus, please double check and reevaluate the place that you’re working with or the place that you planned to go, or otherwise, you will end up with high moving frequency.

Things You Should Do To Start Up New Working Day At The Office

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Working is not just about come into the office, and make the job done. It is about staying, and living with people that we don’t actually know who we call colleagues. There are many kind of people that we would face during the day at the office, both bad and good, like and dislike. But however or whoever they would be, to start a good working day, we should start with some simple behaviors:

1. “Say Hello! Good Morning” to everyone: This might look very simple, but very effective to kick off the day with productivity and good result. People like to be welcome and be recognize and this is the only action to gain the attention and peace.

2. “A little” chit chat with colleagues: There is no better way to get close to your colleagues than just sit with them and have chit chat. To kick of the day, you should do it. Talk to them of some social news, or even movies or TV programs etc. The conversation should not be more than 10 minutes otherwise you will make them feel that you’re wasting their time.

3. Reading some business news or company-related news: It is important for you as an employee to know something about the progression or issues or success of the company. Spend your 10 minutes time to read those related news will make your day better.

4. Review your to-do-list for the day: To-do-list that you already prepared a day before need to be review again before you kick it off to avoid any adhoc situation that would potentially ruin your priority task.

5. Take some water or drinks with you: To avoid wasting some time to go and pick up the drink or water once your thirsty, you better grab it and keep it near you on your desk. Once you need it, you’ll get it in just a second.

Hope these would help you to kick off your successful day.

Tips For Today


Working is the things that each and everyone of us have to do. But do you wonder why some people are really success in their work while other don’t? This is the most common questions that i am sure everyone of us used to ask ourselves and everyone around as well.

This is potentially because of our time management and arrangement. Successful story would never comes if we don’t have well organised and well prepared.

Let me ask you question: “Did you ever prepared check-list or to-do-list everyday/every time before you go to work? Have you check it properly?” 

Here 5 main reasons that keep us from success at our workplace:

  1. WELL PREPARED: Preparation is very important, we cannot finish things we don’t have well prepare. What does well prepare mean? It doesn’t mean prepare your table, your bag, your clothes/uniform or even your money then. Well prepare here i want to stress to you guys that we have to be well prepared the task that we need to you complete within today or tomorrow. A successful person they can prepared their working plans months before it happened. The quality of preparation is also very important. You need to list down your priorities from the MOST IMPORTANT down to LESS IMPORTANT. Strict with it and you’ll see the different and quality of your working hours and more importantly you’ll never feel bored at work then.
  2. AVOID MANY TASKS: There was a very funny story i faced myself. I used to list down everything that i wanted on a piece of paper and i considered as my tasks for today. I listed down 10 tasks on that day, but at the end of the day, i can only complete 5 tasks and the rest were still stay on my desk. We cannot complete multi tasks a day with don’t know what to prioritise. So, some of you guys will ask me, what if we have many urgent stuffs? Believe me, there is no always urgent things then, it will remain the TOP PRIORITY, LESS PRIORITY and so on. If you tell me that you have many urgent to complete today, then you’re not well prepared.
     Well prepared also can reduce of our busy time then. Just strict with it and we’ll have time to relax and do more things.
  3. FOCUS: Working environment will never always quiet. There’ll be some people are joking around, chit chat and so on. Sometimes, another new things happens with unexpected. But leave those behind, you just complete it in a proper way. Stay focus on your work/task before you reply to another people who’s joking around you. The moment you reply those chat while you’re doing things then you’ll miss the plan and your tasks will never complete. Be focus and finish your tasks properly.
  4. TIME MANAGEMENT: This would be the most difficult things the do then. Me myself i am not guaranty that i am good at this point. But we have to have our protocol on managing our working time. We step into the office, mean we come to work, not just for fun or relax or escape from family’s problem. When we step into your workplace desk we need to put PRODUCTIVITY into our heart and manage it in a very effective way. Time management is very critical to each and everyone of us.
  5. PASSION/AMBITION and EMOTIONs: Working with no passion or ambition is more likely to kill yourself in the working environment. Set your ambitious and go for it. I know some of us are doing our tasks because it is our responsibility. That’s might correct, but those a small part of our working day. If you have set your own ambition/passion with your work, then you’ll feel boring and you’ll find another place to just full-filled your feeling. Working is not interest at all, nothing happy-happy at the workplace, but we’re the people can make those place become more enjoyable, happy-happy place. We need to build our own passion and ambition to move ourselves forward and update to become more happy-happy. Believe me, no workplace is enjoyable, no workplace is happy, there is only pressure at workplace. So to those you want to change their workplace, you need to think twice about this: Did we create something happy for yourself here yet? Did we make our current job to become an enjoyable workplace yet? Did we really put our heart into it? Why do we want to change? Why do we hate it? Why do we don’t like the people around us? Those questions are not easy to answer then.

So, these 5 things are just my own observation, and i believe that there’ll be more than just these 5. But at least, these might inspire some of you guys something and i hope you’ll learn something from it.

6 Ways To Make Your Working Environment Better

Working environment is very important and it will effect directly to yourself and the whole workplace as well. There are some good and bad workplace. Some workplace are so exciting, some are so strict, and some are so stressful. So, how make your workplace environment become more excitement, and feel relax?
There are 6 important points to make you love your workplace, as well change your stressful workplace become a place that you would never change to another place:

  1. Give some break time/relax time for your staffs: Can you imagine how your workplace will look like if you work 5 days a week with stressful, meeting and so many deadlines without any relax time? Some of your staffs don’t even have time for their personal stuff, their family and their lovers, how would they feel? Those kind of workplaces, will never become an interesting workplace and the result of their/yours work will become not-so-good at all. So, set some break/relax time for your staffs, take care them more.
  2. Social Activities: How would you feel if you’re just so care about your work, your benefits without pay any attention in your society? I am sure that everyone in the office will felt so ignorance, guilty and so lonely somehow. Social activities are not only make your staffs more active, and it also a good time for them to do something for their society and to make them proud that they have done something as their responsibility to their country.
  3. Good Relationship With Everyone in the Office: Office is not just an office, it is a family, a house. What would it look like if in a house with no relation or the relationship with the member is not good/strong enough? They will try to compete each other to get what they want without any thinking that they are on the same boat. So, build good relationship with staffs is really important, it can drive the performance of the company to reach a certain level, to build a company with high profile. But build good relationship it would never easy when people have different thinking.
  4. Show Them About Their Future Goal that Company Can Offers: A good company will have goals for their staffs and will show their staffs what they will get in the future. So, set up the goal and show to them about company’s vision to show them see the value of be working hard.
  5. “Bonus”: Working is just a like a car can runs because of fuel. To encourage people, company need to provide bonus, extra bonus to their staffs as VITAMIN to boost their actions moving forward. However, it is not just about setting “bonus” and everything will be just fine, company should think about the certain target that staffs can reach, so they will work hard for it.
  6. “Motivation”: “You’ve done very good!” ” Very good job, let’s try some more” These kind of word can be a VITAMIN for your staffs as well. Motivation in workplace is really important. It can make your staff work hard without any complaint or any doubts. As a leader, “motivation” is really important.

These 6-point above are just simple or just an open for you to see how to make our company/workplace even more interesting and to make your staffs work for you with their loves.